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Wendy Peterson

Wendy Peterson

Vice President Strategic Growth, Michuda Construction

Michuda ConstructionMy years as a Healthcare Specialist in the contract furniture world led me to partnerships with architects, designers, brokers, general contractors and a plethora of vendors. Engaging with each group exposed me to a vast array of people and pool of knowledge, thus leading me to work for a construction company that was passionate about supporting DEI initiatives. Michuda Construction does a tremendous job in supporting women and and has mastered their very own Mentor Protégé Program, which is now in its second successful JV MBE partnership. Working for a company that understands the value of diversity allows change and growth for us all. It is no wonder why Michuda has thrived and continues to grow 104 years after inception. I am proud to be a part of the team, in charge of expanding new opportunities and building relationships that will also stand the test of time. Let me know how I can help you build and grow. Let’s get to work!


Recognize you can gain one take away from everyone you meet. Learning how to then connect those dots will allow you to grow and glow together. Everyone has something to learn. Everyone has something to share.