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Vunzai Coen

Vunzai Coen

Owner / CEO, Coen Construction Services Inc and CCS Builds
  • Vunzai T. Coen is the CEO of Coen Construction Services Inc and Founder of CCS Builds
  • Born in America and raised in Zimbabwe, she sees the world through a panoramic lens. Guided by her faith and life experiences, she founded her companies in accordance with the core values and strategies she has applied throughout her life and business career.
  • Vunzai is an innovative teacher and experienced business consultant who thinks outside the conventional text. Her business, professional, and personal mission is to inform, challenge, and motivate clients and students alike to fulfill their full potential for success in business, school, and life.
  • A natural entrepreneur herself, she has combined her teaching and communication skills with a passion for business with the ultimate product of social engagement. Vunzai is also an advocate of The Triple Bottom Line (3BL) approach to business and commerce. Rather than measure an enterprise’s success only by its “bottom line” profits, 3BL encourages business enterprises to be responsible to all its stakeholders.

Instagram & LinkedIn Handles - Personal Insta : @vunzai.speak                                                      

Business Insta: @coencarpentryser



Coen Construction Services (CCS), a fully licensed/bonded/insured, comprehensive services general contracting firm, has over 15 years of experience specializing in Custom Homes Construction Management, Remodels, Additions, Framing, and Porches.

Certified as a WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) and WOSB (Woman-owned Small Business), CCS’s greatest differentiator in the CM field is our Red Team™ industry-specific construction software used by our staff and satisfied customers. Our customer-focused software provides us the opportunity to organize our documents, work remotely while simultaneously updating our vendors, subcontractors, and homeowners, as needed. Coen Construction Services routinely works with diverse industry subcontractors, including Minorities and Veterans.