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Vinay Damam

Vinay Damam

Field Engineer, DeWalt

Vinay Damam is a Field Engineer at DeWalt, bringing over five years of experience to the construction domain. Before joining DeWalt, Vinay served as a Project Engineer, where he managed, designed, and analysed various commercial buildings, including complex self-storage projects situated in high seismic regions of California. His expertise lies in construction management, technical support, and customer relationship management, making him a well-rounded professional in the field.

Vinay holds a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's in Earthquake and Structural Engineering. Recently, he also completed a Master's in Business Administration, driven by the aim to further enhance his skillset and management acumen.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Vinay is an avid traveller, hiker, and photographer. He has already explored more than eight countries and visited 30 U.S. states, with plans to continue his exploration in the years to come.


As a Field Engineer at DeWalt, I am actively involved in generating new business opportunities and ensuring the future growth of the DeWalt fastening product line. My passion for fostering positive change within the industry aligns perfectly with the Diversity in Construction Ambassador program's mission. I firmly believe that embracing diversity and inclusivity is crucial for driving innovation and creating a stronger, more united construction community.