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Veronica White

Veronica White

Accountant, Walsh Construction II LLC

I am a resilient individual with a life journey filled with challenges, triumphs, and a commitment to continuous growth. My story began in Chicago at County Hospital, where I entered the world as the cutest baby ever, ready to make my mark. Throughout my life, I have proven to be a force to be reckoned with, determined to overcome every obstacle in my path. Becoming a parent marked a significant chapter in my life. Raising my children while pursuing education and employment showcased my resilience and commitment to their future. Tragedy struck with the loss of my daughter, a pain I channeled into supporting my community through various initiatives. From serving the Dolton Bears to starting my trucking and factoring companies, I embraced opportunities to make a difference. As I reflect on my life's journey, I am proud to stand where I am today. From the challenges I have faced to the successes I have celebrated, each experience has shaped me into the strong, compassionate, and determined individual I am. With my eyes set on the future, I am excited to explore new opportunities, inspire others, and continue making a positive impact on the world.


Her resilience, accomplishments, and commitment.