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Trinidad Alejandra Rueda

Trinidad Alejandra Rueda

CEO and Marketer , Alex Rueda The Agency

Alejandra Rueda is a trailblazing CEO, marketer, and small business growth specialist. Leading a distinguished marketing agency, she has been pivotal in fostering Latino-owned construction businesses in the Chicagoland area, guiding them from their inception to expansive growth. Beyond her commercial prowess, Alejandra generously devotes her time to enlightening others. Offering workshops and seminars tailored for general contractors, construction-related small business owners, and aspirants, she imparts her knowledge on branding, marketing, and sales, underlining her dedication to elevating the Latino construction community. Alejandra's vision and drive position her as not merely a leader, but a luminous beacon in the industry.


Diversity, equality, and inclusivity are the pillars upon which the future of construction stands. By championing women in the Chicago Build community, we don't just build structures, but a stronger, more vibrant, and innovative industry. Stand with us, because when everyone has a seat at the table, the skyline isn't the limit—it's just the beginning.