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Trace Jacques

Trace Jacques

Senior Design Leader, Partner, BKV

Trace Jacques champions an innovative, hands-on model of design practice management while actively engaging clients and communities.  He manages the design of inspired and consequential buildings, transforming environments nationwide to serve the public realm.

Introducing new potential, Jacques helps change the perception or way a place or brand is understood.  In collaboration with his team and others, he re-imagines plans for average building types, advocating for and managing designs that become more multi-faceted, functional, and aesthetically diverse.  His work advances architecture by redefining client and public expectations for contextual, commercial buildings that invigorate the urban fabric and revitalize neighborhoods.

His architectural approach integrates his versatile knowledge of history, thoughtful exploration, discovery, and innovation with the goal of cultivating inspired, culturally responsive, and sustainable design solutions.  His strength as a leader stem from his active engagement of others throughout the design process.  Jacques maximizes creative potential utilizing a masterful proficiency of technology software. His hands-on approach inspires staff, clients, and the communities he serves.