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Tericia Ruff

Tericia Ruff

Real Estate Developer and Managing Broker , Ruff Development & UTR Investments LLC

Tericia Ruff is the CEO of UTR Investments LLC and the licensed Managing Broker for over 15 years in Illinois and Indiana. Teri, holds a degree from RMU in Legal Studies as an ABA certified Paralegal, Active Real Estate Investor, Director of Real Estate Acquisitions, Consultant in Real Estate Investing and a Real Estate Educator. Teri, holds certifications and designations in Probate, Negotiations, Short Sales, Risk Management, Residential Property Management, 1031 Exchange, Commercial Real Estate and a host of others. Teri, has orchestrated millions of dollars in Real Estate transactions on both the purchase and sell side of residential, commercial, governmental and non profit clients throughout her career. Teri, has worked as a Broker and Director with major firms such as Redfin, Fathom Realty and several large commercial Investment Firms throughout her Career. She enjoys helping people to procure Real Estate in different avenues and in educating them on the vase possibilities that Real Estate can offer. In addition to a vast career in real estate she’s the President of Ruff Development LLC a licensed Developer that produces Residential and Commercial properties in order to bring social and economic advantage by way of creating affordable communities for the disadvantaged.


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