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Te Dora Brown Scott

Te Dora Brown Scott

COO, Scottland construction LLC

Te Dora Brown Scott is Chief Operating Officer of Scottland Development Corporation the umbrella organization for Scotland related businesses. As such, she is responsible for operational and strategic leadership of the organization, business development, negotiations, licensing, endorsements and asset acquisitions. Mrs. Brown Scott has been instrumental in growing all Scotland businesses and brand. Under her leadership, the company's portfolio has expanded tremendously. Tedora M. Brown Enterprises Ltd. Located in Oakbrook Illinois (an assist Agency for present and potential employees) (Building Generational Wealth and Community Budgeting). Mrs. Brown Scott has additional partnerships selected by corporations helping to bring quality and convenience to urban communities in several states. Mrs. Brown Scott spearheaded the launch of several major initiatives. Tedora M. Brown Enterprises, LTD which she is currently the CEO. A huge success: Her staffing agency is one of the few WBE and MBE Staffing Agency servicing women and men providing a second chance for all. 


Getting behind a varsity women in construction is one of the most greatest thing that could’ve happened to female that’s in the industry it has given not only a diversified awareness of what’s going on in the world in the generations to come but he has allowed us women to get into a trade to get into the field of predominantly mean.