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Suzanne Kahle

Suzanne Kahle

Managing Director, Development, Farpoint Development

A building or development doesn’t emerge fully formed—there are countless steps from a concept to construction and, finally, to occupancy. Suzanne Kahle is the Farpoint managing director who ensures that every one of these steps progresses, whether the effort is relatively straightforward or something as monumental as our Bronzeville Lakefront 100- acre megadevelopment on Chicago’s South Side.

Suzanne proved her dexterity and diligence before joining Farpoint in early 2022 by overseeing such noteworthy projects as Steppenwolf Theatre’s expansion, a University of Chicago dormitory complex and the Gensler-designed addition to the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago. There’s a common thread in these and the other projects she’s brought to completion: a commitment to creating places and space where people want to be and can thrive.

Today, she’s directly managing the relocation of the Chicago Transit Authority’s control center to a new 150,000-squarefoot combined control and training complex in Garfield Park as well as the redevelopment of its current campus in the West Loop.

Suzanne has a master’s degree in urban planning and policy from the University of Illinois-Chicago, as well as a bachelor’s degree in history from Tufts University. Fittingly, she and her family live in suburban Riverside, a community designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in the 1860s. She serves on the Riverside Economic Development Commission and is a member of the Urban Land Institute, where she sits on the Chicago Product Council.