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Su Wadi Linn

Su Wadi Linn

B.Arch Student, Illinois Institute of Technology

I’m an Architecture student from Myanmar currently in my Second Year with a minor in Urban Studies at Illinois Institute of Technology. My first experience in gaining interest in architecture was through encountering insufficient urban design in my home city, Yangon. It was when I realized the great impact the built environment has on our daily lives, which sparked my interest in following a career path that serves the betterment of the community through construction and my passion for design. Throughout my architecture school, I’m volunteering as a Second Year representative for NOMASiit and as a Student Ambassador for Chicago Women in Architecture. While architecture school is meant to explore ourselves and our future aspirations, I’m currently interested in working towards becoming an Urban Designer while exploring sustainability in the built environment and preparing for my research on Architecture relating to Neuroscience and Psychology.


Our goals and dreams sometimes might sound unreachable but it could be just our own thoughts limiting ourselves from achieving it. One piece of advice that has helped me along my journey is reprogramming my old beliefs to create the results I desire while putting in constant effort and trust to reach that goal. Let your actions and new stories inspire other people.