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Stephen Ross

Stephen Ross

SH&E Director-East, AECOM

Stephen, or as his is affectionately called by his colleagues “Safety Steve” has spent his entire career in the construction industry. From his beginning as a Carpenter to his current role in Corporate Safety and Health leadership he has had an opportunity to examine the industry from a variety of vantage points including roles as a Tradesman, Subcontractor, General Contractor, Construction Manager, and Consultant.  Stephen has built a brand of safety focused on worker beneficial policies, and a personal accountability. His early years were spent working in his fathers small business and help shape his views on how workplace efficiency, worker fitness, and general business/project management ties to worker health and safety. Stephen currently resides in Carmel, Indiana with his wife Lindsay and their four children, Andrew, Addelyn, Sophia, and Evelyn. Stephen’s currently role is serving as the Director of Health, Safety, and Environment at AECOM-Hunt.