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Sophia Carey

Sophia Carey

CEO-Founder, Metamorphose

Sophia Carey is a social impact entrepreneur working to support economic empowerment and self-determined neighborhood revitalization. With two decades experience first helping launch Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs and more recently creating financial incentive programs in the Department of Planning and Development, Sophia has helped entrepreneurs of all sizes and backgrounds navigate the challenges of start-up and growth. Through her experience, she has seen how transforming individual lives leads to transformed communities and she advocates for visionaries seeking to solve problems in their communities and have a positive impact on the world around them. Sophia’s current venture is a start-up construction services platform that specializes in supporting locally-led small to mid-sized commercial redevelopment projects with a focus on neighborhood revitalization and disaster recovery. Sophia resides in Chicago with her family, she received her BA in Economics from the University of Chicago and is working on her MBA at the Chicago Booth Business School.


Diversity in construction and real estate development is not just a concept rooted in social justice; it is a fundamental necessity for building stronger, more vibrant, and sustainable communities. Diversity fosters a sense of belonging, encourages innovation, and ensures that the needs and aspirations of all community members are addressed.