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Shauna Dinsart

Shauna Dinsart

Owner and General Contractor, Dinsart Design

Shauna Dinsart left her career in Aerospace to become a General Contractor, and open her own construction business specializing in the design and build of Accessory Dwelling Units. She believes that construction is widely overlooked by young people entering the workforce, and hopes that generations in the future will look to construction when seeking out careers in the tech industry. We need to bring Construction Technology to all levels of the industry, and continue to educate ourselves on the newest innovations, so we can heighten the industry standards.


she image that comes to mind at the term "Construction Worker" does not allow space for people like me. When I say that I'm a General Contractor, people become wide-eyed, and that should not be the case. We can redefine what it means to society to be a construction worker, and without doing so, people who look like me will continue to ignore what can be an incredibly valuable career path.