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Sean McDonald

Sean McDonald

Corporate BIM Manager, Thornton Tomasetti

Sean McDonald is currently a Corporate BIM Manager and leads the CORE design group withing CORE studio at Thornton Tomasetti. His focus is on BIM process, workflows, and innovation. He has 20+ years of design technology experience. Throughout his career he has served as; design technology director at KPF where he lead the transition from CAD to BIM, design technology director at SMW where he developed customized and automated BIM production and delivery methods, Senior BIM Specialist and IT Manager at CASE where he advised AEC firms on advancing their BIM processes and ran internal IT, Senior BIM Specialist at WeWork working on BIM transitions, and at PCF&P as director of design technology working on standardizing modeling practices. Due to his diverse work experience in architecture, low voltage, structure, owner side, and BIM consulting he has developed a focus on integrating workflows throughout project development to facilitate better coordination and simplify the process of modeling. Through his experience in model data interoperability and computational geometry he has also worked to develop his skills in data visualization and analysis. He is a frequent speaker at BIM and design technology events.