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Sanika Dadmode

Sanika Dadmode

Project Control Engineer, Jacobs Engineering

Growing up in a family with Civil Engineers I was always fascinated about buildings. My journey to pursue a career in Construction started during my childhood and after high school I decided to pursue a degree in Architecture. After completing my Bachelor’s in Architecture, I started working for an Architecture firm and during my site visits I felt a strong desire to dive deeper in how the plans came to life. This curiosity led me to pursue my Masters in Construction Management. I moved to United States for my Masters and during my Masters I got the amazing opportunity to work on site for a multimillion-dollar project and while being on site I realized how much I loved working towards making blueprints in to a beautiful structure. I currently work for Jacobs Engineering in Construction Management. In future I want to start my own business in Construction industry and parallelly support young women and immigrants in Construction.


Young, strong, independent Construction professional with a spirit to bring a change and positivity within construction industry.