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Sandrine Schultz

Sandrine Schultz

Sustainability and Green Buildings Program Advisor, GSA, Office of Federal High Performance and Green Buildings

Currently at GSA (General Services Administration) in the Office of High-Performance Green Buildings, she is an advisor on Sustainability and Green Buildings. The team focuses on advancing federal building innovations in planning, design, and operations to minimize carbon, energy, water, and waste, enhance human health and performance, adapt to a changing climate, and maximize integration, efficiency, equity, and justice.

Before GSA, Sandrine held the Energy and Sustainability Director position at Chicago Public Schools (CPS). She was committed to conserving, protecting, and sustaining natural resources by implementing programs that reduce energy consumption and increase the renewable resources used throughout the district. Collectively, these programs help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and associated climate impact. The Climate Action Plan released on Earth Day 2022 focuses on five areas: energy and water; facilities; renewable energy; waste management and recycling; and transportation.

Before CPS, Sandrine worked at the Department of Energy (DOE)(2016-2019) and Department of Defense (DOD) (2003-2016) as the National Laboratory Policy Director and Utility and Energy Program Director, respectively. At DOD, Sandrine developed several innovative solutions, including the Navy Shore Geospatial Energy Module (NSGEM), designed to inform Navy Shore Energy investment decisions. These achievements earned her the 2013 FEMP Individual Exceptional Service Award.

In all of her positions, Sandrine is committed to integrating energy across all operational areas and wants her contributions to be helpful in the institutionalization of policies, strategies, and efficiencies to combat the climate crisis. Growing up in Belgium, she moved to the US in 1987 and attended the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned a B.Sc. in Geology and Physics. Outside of work, Sandrine travels, reads, cooks, and never misses being part of a new challenge. Legos and puzzles remain her favorite hobbies.