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Sabry Leithy

Sabry Leithy

Construction Engineer, Jacobs

Mr. Leithy is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in technical leadership roles, specializing in project inspection and reporting within the fields of highway construction, geotechnical engineering, and water resources investigations. He holds the distinction of being the first author of a significant paper published in a prestigious journal, focused on "Utilizing Waste Latex Paint to Improve Concrete Performance." Throughout his career, Mr. Leithy has played a pivotal role in construction management and inspection services for a wide range of projects, including interstate, state, and county highways. His unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards set by agencies such as the Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Tollway, Wisconsin DOT, and Chicago DOT has consistently ensured successful project outcomes. In his capacity as a Field Technical Lead, Mr. Leithy continues to excel, providing construction engineering services and inspection for diverse projects, encompassing rail transit and various highway initiatives. He maintains a steadfast focus on guaranteeing compliance with rigorous highway construction inspection standards.

Beyond his technical prowess, Mr. Leithy possesses a unique global perspective, thanks to his extensive international experience and fluency in multiple languages, including Arabic, Malay, and English. His ability to bridge language and cultural gaps has not only facilitated effective communication but has also deepened his understanding of diverse cultures and global business practices.

Acknowledging his contributions to the field, Mr. Leithy received the Global Engineering Education Exchange program award in 2018-2019. Moreover, he proudly serves as a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Representative, demonstrating his commitment to effecting positive change through his work and expertise.