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Rogelio Lopez

Rogelio Lopez

President, 708-420-7062
Rogelio Lopez, the Founder and President of Xerarch Strategies, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, specializing in optimizing businesses' cash flow. With a dedicated focus on understanding the unique needs of each client, Rogelio works closely with them to navigate any challenges they may face. Under his guidance, clients can implement the CFO: Cash Flow Optimized approach, streamlining processes and achieving their financial objectives efficiently.. Prior to establishing Xerarch Strategies, Rogelio served as the former Vice President and Relationship Manager for PNC's Community Development, honing his understanding of various banking sectors and mastering the art of addressing diverse financial situations promptly. His keen focus on Affordable Housing, community, and economic development enables him to cater to the needs of both Non-for Profit and For-Profit Organizations seamlessly . Moreover, Rogelio is a co-founder of Impulso Solutions, a visionary venture aimed at supporting companies through every stage of their journey, from ideation to sales. Impulso Solutions is committed to facilitating market entry into foreign territories by offering comprehensive support and expertise, with teams strategically positioned in Monterrey, Queretaro, Guadalajara, and Chicago.