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Rachel Groat

Rachel Groat

Project Engineer, Walsh Construction

Originally from the Chicago area, Rachel Groat moved to Houston to attend Rice University. After graduating with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Art, she worked in the aerospace industry as a project engineer. Later she returned to school, attending the University of Houston and earning a M.S. in Construction Management. While in graduate school, she joined the Houston Housing Collaborative, advocating locally for affordable housing. Additionally, Rachel spent time as a volunteer child advocate for children in the foster care system. Relocating back to her hometown of Chicago, Rachel participated in the Chicago Rehab Network’s Community Empowerment Series. She also joined Walsh Construction. This fall, she and a small team are beginning the renovation of a 100 unit, affordable housing, apartment building in Elgin, IL. For the past three years, Rachel has been honored to serve as Programs Co-Chair on the Women in Planning and Development (WP+D) Board. She is an active member of the Women of Walsh organization. Rachel plans to continue advocating for affordable housing and supporting diversity in the construction industry. 


As crafters of the built environment, what we are creating will outlast us. Communities should be a part of deciding what will be built, have the opportunity to profit from the work created, and be able to remain in place to enjoy its benefits. Similarly, the construction team should reflect the diversity of the community. Building intentionally and inclusively will be our legacy.