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Oz Ozburn

Oz Ozburn

Founder, LADDER UP

Oz Ozburn is our founding member and CEO. She has led multiple large-scale institutional projects as well as dozens of small-scale residential projects requiring no less coordination or detail.After establishing her own residential office in 2017, she found that no matter the scale of the project or the size of the budget, the needs of all clients are consistent: good communication and a quality product.As Oz leaned into the residential field, she saw how hard it is to find a contractor willing to do projects under $50,000. Her clients were often frustrated by handymen without professional contracts, implementable budgets, accountable schedules, and with sub-par organizational skills.The construction industry remains one of the most male-dominated industries, with women making up under 1% of the construction workforce in America, despite the fact that the jobs are well-paying, sustainable, and have consistent hours.Based on a belief that design can be a tool used to foster social change, and rooted in robust experience with residential clients, Oz founded Ladder Up to combine these two passions: successful design and placemaking and creating a way for amazing women to enter a field where they can thrive.


In a time where there is overwhelming market demand for skilled trades, it is crazy not to tap into 50% of our population. Right now is a prime opportunity for women to access and revolutionize this field.