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Nikki Gist

Nikki Gist

CEO, Hello Green Marketing

My name is Nikki Gist and I am the owner of Hello Green Marketing which is a marketing and business development company that specializes in providing customized business solutions for the Green & Construction industries. After spending over a decade as a construction project manager I realized that my education, expertise and existing relationships would be able to fill a need in an ever changing and rapidly growing market. I am a current member of Professional Women In Construction - New Jersey Chapter and I also sit on Membership Committee where we strive to make new and prospective members feel welcome and provide value to our existing members. PWCNJ is a fantastic organization that helps to give women a voice in the industry and it is comprised of a group of individuals who are all invested in the success of each other. My work with PWCNJ is incredibly meaningful to me because we are fostering an environment of inclusivity and striving to help women in the industry achieve their goals.  


Success is more than just ourselves. It's important we take the time to build each other up and provide a space where everyone feels supported and has the same opportunities to succeed. Industries that embrace DEI are more innovative, creative and relatable. To put it simply, it's the right thing to do.