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Nicholas  Liguras

Nicholas Liguras

Project Manager, Korellis

Nicholas started working for a concrete repair company in 2000 driving their dump truck.  It wasn’t long before they asked him to leave that position to work in the field demo’ing, cutting, caulking and everything concrete related.  After being promoted to project management inside of two short years, the shortest time for that company, he excelled at building relationships with both owner/owner’s representative and consultants/engineers.  It was twelve years in construction when it was time to venture out on his own.  He spent the next seven years building a new company from the ground up performing the same work he was doing before but adding masonry to the equation.  When it was time to move on to the next venture Korellis reached out to him at the most perfect time.  Their need for someone with his background was a perfect fit.  Since then the Masonry services at Korellis have expanded and the company is now adding concrete services to their repertoire.  He continues focusing on relationship building and treating everyone like he’d want to be treated.  When he’s not working he enjoys creating adventures with his two sons and spending family time anywhere as much as possible.  Golfing and tennis are something he tries to fit in as much as possible as well.  The past twenty two years in construction have been an adventure and he can’t wait for the next twenty years of stories.