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Natalia Domovessova

Natalia Domovessova

Founder, Land Vision Consulting, LLC

Natalia Domovessova is an urban planner, housing advocate, and experienced community and economic development leader with over 20 years of professional work in both municipal and private sectors. With a strong passion for creating vibrant and inclusive communities, Natalia combines her expertise in urban planning with a commitment to social equity.

As an advocate for gender equality in the planning and construction sectors, Natalia actively collaborates with industry stakeholders to promote diversity. She strives to create opportunities for women in these fields, advocating for policies and practices that support their advancement and recognition.

Natalia's entrepreneurial spirit led her to found Land Vision Consulting LLC, a woman-owned company based in the Chicago suburbs. Through her consulting firm, she provides innovative land development and planning solutions that not only benefit her clients but also add value to the surrounding community. Natalia's collaborative approach fosters engagement and ensures that projects are inclusive and sustainable.

With her extensive experience and dedication to creating positive change, Natalia continues to make a lasting impact in the urban planning and construction sectors, setting an inspiring example for women professionals and driving progress towards a more equitable and prosperous future.


I believe empowerment opens limitless possibilities and inspires positive change. Together we will overcome barriers and build dreams!