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Mike Emerson

Mike Emerson

Principal, Lamar Johnson Collaborative

As a strategic Facilities and Construction Management professional, Michael A. Emerson makes the planning and provision of inspiring, innovative, accessible, clean and state of the art environments his highest priority. The standard of care conveyed by a clean, well equipped and code compliant classroom, lab, residential room or assembly space is a direct reflection of the values and priorities of the institution. In his role as Executive Director of Facilities Management at Elmhurst University, Emerson oversaw and managed the transformation from a physical “College” to a physical “University”. He orchestrated the campus masterplan vision update process and continuously forecasted, updated & implemented capital improvement projects identified in the 5 Year Capital Plan. Emerson envisioned and executed a comprehensive, campus wide, boiler decentralization and chiller/cooling tower replacement plan while capturing both incentives and annual savings in excess of $500K. He enacted sustainable operational and capital Initiatives, while substantially reducing the quantity of deferred maintenance items challenging the campus for many years. Emerson effectively instituted multiple accessibility and equity, diversity and inclusion projects while enhancing many classroom and Instructional Spaces. He guided Improvements of Student Residential Space, Re-envisioned and reconstructed the campus gymnasium and fitness center and thoughtfully consolidated and automated campus mail and printing operations. Finally, Emerson leveraged the ComEd incentive program to enact a phased, campus transition to LED lighting while creating and implementing the campus wide Covid-19 physical facility response. In the Fall of 2020, Mike Emerson was awarded the Outstanding Administrator Award for the 2019-2020 school year at Elmhurst University.