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Melvin Henley

Melvin Henley

President, PAC Leaders

Drawing upon over 21 years of professional experience from 2002 to 2023, Mr. Henley has excelled as the founder, owner and president of PAC Leaders, LLC since 2017, a General Contracting and Commercial Construction Management business. Since founding the company, he has mentored and provided on-the-job training for apprentices from partner schools, met with executives of other companies and managed several teams. While his career has been filled with highlights, Mr. Henley is especially gratified by rising through the ranks in the construction industry from journeyman to a union contractor in charge of multi-million dollar projects. Within one year of Mr. Henley becoming a union contractor, the company has sponsored six individuals who now work as apprentices. He advises that the cornerstone of his success has been in being a lifelong learner and passing down his knowledge to others. In the coming years, Mr. Henley intends to become involved in real estate development and envision plans to build schools and homes for the homeless population.


In a world that has so many sensory distractions, my Modus Operani is to: Make an #imPACt, not just noise!