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Maria Tasada

Maria Tasada

Associate, Technical Director, Gensler

Maria was drawn to architecture by an interest in place, problem-solving, and the desire to unpack her surroundings. For her, architecture is equal parts artistic and analytical and an act of creative collaboration. She values the many voices and disciplines required to create meaningful work, whether it’s the client, community, contractor, or fabricator. Maria is motivated by the architectural impact on society and its integration into the urban fabric and public; she believes that design should be unique and timeless, coexisting with the surroundings and leaving a significant mark in the space. She is a lead collaborator in the development of iconic architectural projects. Cross-cultural professional experience and a broad portfolio of work have given her the skillset and confidence to navigate nuanced boundaries between project types, market sectors, design phases, and cultures. Maria is currently the Vice President of Arquitectos INC and Chicago Women In Architecture, and is an active member of AIA task forces for several initiatives. She continues to push boundaries through her work and her voice and advocacy of women and minorities in the design community.


"In this dynamic world of design and construction, I firmly believe that both a pencil and a hammer can be wielded with as much strength and precision by a woman as by a man. Our vision is not just about constructing buildings, but about dismantling barriers to equality, one brick at a time. Through advocacy, mentorship, and persistent action, we're constructing a more inclusive and balanced future for all women in the industry."