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Lumiere Mwila Katoj

Lumiere Mwila Katoj

Master Student In Global Management of Innovation and Technology , Lut University of Applied Sciences

My journey began in the D.R. Congo, where I was born, raised, and completed high school in construction. My home country's construction industry's lack of progress became apparent during that time. It deeply moved me, and I felt compelled to do something to make a difference. Continuing my education in Russia, I discovered how effective BIM is in the design process after entering the program. My curiosity led me to learn how other countries use BIM. An opportunity presented itself, so I enrolled in a Finnish double degree program. During the process, I acquired experience in BIM and learned more about it. Having recently completed a degree in construction and civil engineering, I am passionate about finding innovative solutions to building problems using technology like BIM. Developing a sustainable society is my goal. It will be a pleasure to learn, collaborate, and exchange ideas with such a skilled team. My master's program begins in the Fall. Therefore, I am still seeking opportunities to learn from diverse and ambitious team members. Living in Finland, I speak Russian, English, French, and have a basic understanding of Finnish. Working in an international, multicultural environment will enable me to build a career.


I was astonished when I saw the page on women in BIM since I believe women can make a substantial impact. Being able to collaborate and exchange ideas with the team will be an honor