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Leudin Dominguez

Leudin Dominguez

Civil Engineer , SmithGroup

Leudin Dominguez studied Civil Engineering with a minor in mathematics and a concentration in Architectural Engineering. Leudin graduated from Clarkson University in May of 2018 and was employed by a General Contractor company named Kiewit. Leudin continued to work with Kiewit for 4 years working on a total of five projects. AMC Theater/Office Building with Parking Garage (Denver), Rehabilitation for 5 Train Stations (Washington D.C.), Affordable Housing/Luxurious Housing (Denver), Children’s Hospital (Omaha), STEM Museums (Omaha). After 4 years of construction, Leudin decided to change their career path from construction to design in order to pursue his future goals of designing a greener future through civil engineering practices. Leudin eagerly helps organizations that focus on uplifting and assisting individuals who are not presented with the same benefits of choosing a field such as STEM or similar due to the uneven playing field. Leudin currently lives in Chicago with his amazing dog named Stitch. (Yes, Stitch from Lilo and Stitch)



Visibility is such a pivotal role when it comes to creating the next generation of STEM/Construction individuals, in order to demonstrate that anyone can look the part.