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Laura Manaugh

Laura Manaugh

Director of IT, Anson Industries

In 1982 I enlisted in US Army where I would form my love of large machines. Following my 6-year stint in the Army I obtained BS in Network and Telecommunications from Devry University. A short time after I would become a network admin at a larger heavy construction general contractor. This experience would drive my desire to continue learning and receive my MPM from Keller Graduate School of Management.Seven years later I moved on to a manufacturing firm where I was mangaged the Infrasturcture team.  I would spend most of my 7 years there implementing virtualized infrastructure.After a great experience learning and growing I moved on to the IT Director role I have today. My team and I migrated our physical server infrastructure to the cloud taking equipment out of the data center into Infrastructure as a Service.What I have learned in my 20 years of IT work and my 10 years in the construction industry is that like the military opportunity to serve is key. I serve the company and the end users as well as my team to the best of my ability today.


Stats show driving DEI increases revenue, but beyond that it is the right thing to do.