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La Williams

La Williams

Contracted Agent , Agape Services

Agape Services Staffing/Business & Community Development LLC, is a Black-Women Owned for-profit business, founded in 2001, with the idea that demanded visibility and empowerment of Black and Brown professionals in corporate America. In the late 1900's, La Williams (founder) noted a low visibility/representation and disproportion oversight of professionals of color in administrative and executive roles. A high level of excellent skills were being dismissed based on one's melatonin. Prior to the terms ‘diversity and inclusion.’ La had personally experienced being minimized and bypassed, and thereby, as a prayerful result, launched Agape Staffing Service with little ‘know-how’ and zero capital. La literally worked 45 days with zero compensation, awaiting payment from clients, based on their accounting schedule. Once she educated herself about the business, she solicited minority professionals, and convinced various companies to hire her Talent.
Today, Agape Services has expanded to educate others on transitioning their passions into viable registered businesses. Agape Services also includes community awareness, focusing and connecting residential talent with neighboring businesses.
We go to where the people are, engaging in conversation, inquiring about the neighborhood’s service needs, connecting underserved youths and adults, homeless or hopeless with local businesses and mentors to help build people and communities.


Believing is the first step, Determination follows: Yor New Tomorrows, begins Today (R)