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Kira King

Kira King

Manager, Johnson County Contractor Licensing

My name is Kira King and I am motivated newcomer to the construction industry. With an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education & Leadership and a Masters in Business Administration with an Human Resources Concentration, I set out to be a change agent in the education field to assist families as they facilitate their child(ren)'s growth in their early years and eventually came into local government as a Child Care Facilities Inspector. From there I transferred into my department's strategic planning division as a Workforce Development Coordinator in Public Health, before landing in my current (revised) role as the Division Manager for the county's Contractor Licensing program. I am a mother to a Gold Star Daughter and three (sometimes four if I foster) fur babies, an advocate for continuing education, and a terrible cook. My professional short-term goal is to modernize my licensing program and formalize our foundation for contractor education. My professional long-term goal is to create the path for a program that changes the way contractors view education/professional development; from an obligation to a necessity.

Committed to our organization's DEI efforts, my supervisor and board chair brought me on as the first female, with no construction background, to manage this regionally-respected program of 20+ years. Following a model with diversity, equity, inclusion, and women who have a secure seat at the construction table is not only an organization that I want to be a part of, but also one that will thrive and survive because every voice will be heard.