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Kiana Ramos

Kiana Ramos

Construction Project Coordinator, Lavoro Services Corp

Kiana Ramos is a dedicated project coordinator and advocate for women in construction, committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the industry. With four years of professional experience, she has proven her organizational prowess and multitasking abilities while working on complex projects. Kiana's clear communication and interpersonal skills have fostered collaboration and teamwork, strengthening professional relationships. As an analytical thinker, she excels in problem-solving, ensuring efficient and effective project completion. Her exceptional team-management and leadership skills empower her colleagues to achieve their best results. As an ambassador for the Women in Construction Association, Kiana actively works to break down gender barriers and promote equal opportunities. Her passion and dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive construction community make her an invaluable asset and an influential figure within the industry. Kiana Ramos serves as an inspiring example for aspiring women in construction, motivating them to pursue their dreams and make a significant impact in the field.


I believe with the right motivation and dedication you can turn your failures into successes.