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Katarina S. Karac

Katarina S. Karac

Land Use & Zoning Attorney, Birchwood Law LLC

Katarina Karac is the Founding Attorney of a Land Use & Zoning Law Firm serving Greater Chicago called Birchwood Law LLC. Katarina enjoys assisting clients through the entitlement phase of development, bringing efficiency and predictability to the process. Katarina helps clients through complex real estate processes, including annexations, planned developments, zoning amendments, special use permits, variations, subdivision of land, right-of-way vacations, dedication of land, site plan approvals, municipal licensing, and litigation.   Licensed in Illinois and Ohio, Katarina has worked with developers, investors, and business owners on mixed-use, residential, commercial and industrial development projects, including office buildings, warehousing facilities, shopping centers, multi-family residential and more.


My role as a land use & zoning attorney is to advocate for the development of healthy, safe, and thriving communities. The world of real estate development is hectic, but if you stand still for a moment, you can hear the gentle whisper of communities that are yet to come. That’s the thrill!