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Karen Flanagan

Karen Flanagan

Strategic Account Rep , Herc Rentals

Accomplished client driven Senior Sales Executive offering over 25 years of providing customers the equipment, services, and solutions they need to achieve optimal performance safely, efficiently, and effectively. I have a solid background in public outreach, community engagement, and relationship building to a broad range of customers, industries and markets. I am a proven leader recognized for strong attention to detail, as well as excellent interpersonal, communication, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.


There are many inspiring women in our industry Today. I’m very proud that so many work locally in Chicago. I believe that the most efficient way to face challenging situations is by collaboration. By embracing diversity, we unlock a wealth of perspectives that foster innovative solutions and bolster the industry's reputation. I want to highlight Herc Rentals as a company that welcomes, supports and celebrates the women who work here. All contributions and perspectives are valued. This progress sets the foundation for a sustainable and prosperous future, paving the way for continued growth and success.