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July Franco

July Franco

President, Franco Hauling LLC

July Franco started to follow her purpose and journey at the young age of 17. At that age, she asked her parents to sign and give her approval to join the United States Marine Corps. Throughout her Marine Corp career, she pushed past the obstacles and rose to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. After her military career came to an end, she continued to seek a purpose and with her brother she founded and started Franco Hauling LLC, a construction dump truck service provider in the Chicagoland area. July has made it her personal purpose to inspire and motivate others that being different is what empowers you. At 5’1” and 110 pounds she dared to overcome obstacles others fear. She had the audacity to start a construction dump truck business despite not looking like anyone in the room and has taken her seat at the table. Today, July, feels she has just begun to scratch the surface of what she looks forward to accomplishing. She strongly believes we are in a nation where dreams do come true if you believe, have faith, and put in the effort. When little girls see our butterfly logo on the side of the trucks, I want little girls, from any nationality, know and understand that if I can you can.


“Dare to be bold, dare to be different and don’t forget to empower others along the way. Be part of the change.”