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Josianne Umusawasoni

Josianne Umusawasoni

Chief Executive Officer, Sage Corporation Ltd

I am a businessman selling & retail house building products here in Rwanda under my own company SAGE CORPORATION Ltd. I am proud woman who driving change by empowering women impact entrepreneurs whose actions are rippling around the world. I am confident that with their vision, passion, and drive, and a worldwide network of allies, what lies ahead is nothing less than a global wave of positive change. My background and experience working as a venture capitalist and coach to women social impact entrepreneurs.

I started my company with very low income but in my African culture there is a saying “little by little you fill the pot,” means that keep on saving early with our savings account to realize your financial freedom goals.

My inspirational woman entrepreneur from Rwanda shows the power of grit and determination to succeed in business, despite the many hurdles encountered, to build a highly respected, multi-million dollar selling & retail house building products empire in Africa with an annual turn over of US$1m and 45% of the local market.


I am honored to be a Women in Construction Ambassador for Chicago Build EXPO 2022. It is important to drive diversity, equality, and inclusivity in the construction industry. I am ready to learn how to raise capital.