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Josephine Hood

Josephine Hood

President & CEO, HEJ Enterprises Corp.

Josie Hood is the President and CEO of HEJ Enterprises.  HEJ focuses on both new construction and property rehabs. HEJ also offers consulting on projects and offer eduction for other interested in getting started in construction and rehabs. Josie Hood is a Chicago native born and raised on the Southside. Real estate has always been her passion Since childhood. She 10 of the University of Illinois undergraduate and nova Southeastern University for a masters degree. I'm just starting a Promising career she still reverted back to real estate. She started real estate in 2004 as an agent and through the years has worked her way up. Now she has a Managing Broker in Illinois Indiana and Wisconsin and is also a developer and real estate investor. In addition she teaches others how to feel that passion and get started in real estate. She knows if she's doing the right thing because although she works every single day she doesn't feel like she is working. 


To be successful in any field you have to be committed to being a lifelong learner. That applies especially to real estate as we have to adjust to the constant changing conditions. Being a minority woman in this field not only takes a lot of thick skin but it takes going to extra mile and really understanding, having knowledge and the willingness to put in the hard work to be successful.