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Jayne Jackson

Jayne Jackson

Diversity Consultant and Workforce Strategist, Workforce Development ReImagined LLC

I’ve been privileged to enjoy a successful corporate career with more than 35 years of experience across many industries including Technology, Finance, Continuing Education, Real Estate Development, Construction Management, and Workforce Development. I approach every project with the amalgamated skills, experience, and perspective of having worked within all these systems. My post-corporate career involves extensive community-level experience. My consulting focus is devoted to the re-education and refinement of leadership models within Black communities, while constructing workforce development programming that integrates standard templates of activity with more thoughtful elements of engagement and professional development. I am an active contributor and thought leader to the ecosystem of minority contracting and community redevelopment professionals (assisting in job creation, entrepreneurial business development and generational wealth creation). I currently operate a consulting practice specializing in Executive Coaching, Professional Development Curriculum Delivery, Back Office Administration, Compliance Monitoring, Organizational Infrastructure Analysis/Refinement and Human Resource Development. My training experience includes teaching business applications to displaced workers through the City Colleges network, to mentoring small minority contractors and business owners.


Diversity is the hallmark of innovation.