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Jasmine Ni

Jasmine Ni

Director of Project Management, Windfall Group

With over a decade of expertise in kitchen cabinet design, Jasmine is a dynamic entrepreneur deeply committed to transforming spaces. Armed with tools like Chief Architect Design and 2020 Design, she collaborates with contractors to bring customers' dream kitchens to life. Jasmine's passion for recreating spaces led her to establish Bellaviva Nail Bar, a natural nail bar she crafted from an empty space. Her entrepreneurial spirit extends to guiding others in designing and managing new businesses. Concurrently, she dedicates her skills to Windfall Group, revitalizing vacant areas into vibrant Asian Inspired Lifestyle Centers. Notable projects include Pacifica Square Phase I and II, Pacifica of Golf, Pacifica of Chicago, and Pacifica Square Burnsville. A recent completed project was a 153-unit Student Housing project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Jasmine's multifaceted roles as an entrepreneur, designer, and construction expert highlight her dedication to transforming spaces and communities, establishing her as an innovative leader in the construction industry.


Never underestimate what women can accomplish when they come together, especially when there is diversity, equality, and inclusivity, Together, We can be the beauty and the beast!