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Jae Woun Kim

Jae Woun Kim

Faculty Lecturer and Design Director, Parsons the School of Design

Jae is currently a design director at the award-winning company Ollim Construction, a faculty lecturer and critic at Parsons the School of Design, Pratt Institute, and an interior design and Feng Shui instructor at the New York Institute of Art and Design. With expertise in design subjects spanning from historical and contemporary themes and incorporation of new design technologies in the design process, her work can be found across the states and South Korea. Jae has been recognized for her knowledge and innovation in creative design concepts and incorporation of new design technology tools which led her to become a judge of the Australian construction design awards. In addition to her traditional design passion, Jae has become an expert in using advanced design software packages, allowing her to explore new creative design concepts.


Creativity and diversity are essential to business success. Not only they enable us approach our work differently, but they help us bringing our imagination to reality.