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Howard P Mock

Howard P Mock

Owner, Mphpm Design

I have been in construction since high school. Both my father and grandfather were carpenters and builders. I got my training on site and then became an architect. I transitioned into the land development field designing and managing large scale subdivision planning and building and large apartment complexes management. From there I started my own business as a design builder and have been involved in that arena for the past 40 years. 10 years ago I became a trained Climate Reality Leader with Al Gore's group at the Chicago training and 3 years later helped mentor others in the CRL training in Pittsburgh. Since then my main focus has been on sustainability, renewability, regeneration and adaptive re-use in every aspect of planning and construction across all the fields and trades. That includes deconstruction and salvage of historically and artistically important building artifacts for reinstallation. My wife and daughter are very key to the business and are vital to all aspects of it. I was an Ambassador to Chicago Build in 2019.


Building design, construction and management roles must be made accessible to and include members from all groups for the collective success of future environments.