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Hollis Kerr

Hollis Kerr

Design Professional, Illinois Institute of Technology

Hollis is a Chicago native and graduate from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelors in Architecture and a minor in Art & Design. She has served as a class representative and president of the Architectural Advisory Council, to provide a forum discussion between students and faculty of the Illinois School of Architecture. As a current graduate student at Illinois Institute of Technology, she is a peer mentor and teaching assistant to incoming students at IIT. More recently, through the Kate Neal Kinley Fellowship, she has studied architectural facades in Barcelona, Spain as a model for urban ecological impact, stretching the meaning behind interior and exterior. Over the years, her experience has allowed her to deliver work in every design phase from Pre-Design to Construction Administration within a wide range of design sectors. She aims to create more flexible spaces that can create positive change beyond the time of their initial construction.


Life experiences - everyone’s life experiences - bring unique perspectives to construction projects. Without diversity, equality, and inclusion in construction and architecture, we would lose the ability to create successful environments from those perspectives.