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Gwen Grossman

Gwen Grossman

CEO & Principal, Gwen Grossman Lighting Design (GGLD)

Gwen Grossman is pursuing her dream of combining artistry and technical knowledge into her cutting-edge architectural lighting design firm. She boasts 25+ years of experience, including training and a former career in theatrical lighting. She brings creativity and collaboration to the forefront of her work. Her client’s needs come first as they explore the design of the space in unison. Light is the paintbrush she uses to highlight architecture and bring dramatic flair to spaces. Gwen is a passionate and motivated businesswoman, with a finger on the pulse of the city and modern design. She has won numerous lighting design awards and has been in publications such as LD & A, Architect Magazine, and Great Lakes by Design. She is the proud founding Principal of GGLD, which is certified as a WBE (Women Owned Business Enterprise).



As a lighting designer, my role extends beyond simply illuminating spaces; I am an ambassador of the artistry and science that brings environments to life through the power of light. My mission is to enhance and elevate the human experience, whether in a theatrical production, architectural space, event, or any other creative endeavor.