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Evie Caprel

Evie Caprel

President, BreakThrough Results, Inc.

Evie started her first company at age 26 and ran it for 10 years. Other companies she and her husband have owned include computer managed services, health and wellness consulting and they currently run a leadership development and executive coaching firm. She has more than 25 years’ experience as a business owner and is also passionate about wellness, work-life harmony and stress resilience. Specialties include taking employees from tactical responsibilities to leading teams, succession planning and strategy creation with aligned strategic initiatives. She co-facilitates 10+ peer groups in several industries including construction, manufacturing and women-only round table groups. Evie also coaches individual employees on the fast track. The BreakThrough Moments Methodology she and her husband Tom developed blends business acumen with techniques that remove blocks and open possibilities. It also provides sustainable access to generate a life of achievement, presence and mindfulness. Evie gives presentations at national and international Conferences, as well as to Fortune 500 corporations. She's been featured on radio and in print publications. Golf, biking, reading and enjoying nature (rock hunting!) are Evie’s downtime passions.


Bringing women together to connect, collaborate and grow empowers all of us. We can all create new possibilities we haven't even 'seen' before, both personally and professionally.