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Eric  Secor

Eric Secor

Founder, MG Mechanical Contracting, Inc.

Eric Secor was born on 11/11/1964 , Veterans Day on a cold winter morning to homemaker Juanita Rose Navarro and 2nd generation bricklayer Lawrence F. Secor. He grew up on Chicago's tough Bridgeport and Pilsen neighborhoods where he was exposed to racial prejudice most of his young adult life. It was because of his personal struggles with racism that his father pushed him into the boxing ring at the age of 10. For 8 years Eric Secor became a student and competitor on the local and national scene winning various titles and championships thru out his career as an armature boxer. Eric Secor to join the United States Marine Corps. as an infantry Marine. Mr. Secor served a total of 10 years and was discharged honorably with several awards and commendations. Upon receiving his masonry contracting license from the city of Chicago in 1989, he started his own business. He was first certified by the City of Chicago as a minority business for masonry and concrete contracting in 1990. Mr. Secor started a program hiring disadvantaged youth from local gangs while working for the Chicago Park District. Exterior Construction Services Inc. serves the residential, commercial and government sectors and continues its fight for minority businesses in Chicago.  

Statement: There is no equality until we are viewed equally!