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Emerson Dority

Emerson Dority

Lean Superintendent, Gilbane Building Company

Emerson Dority, CM-Lean, is a Superintendent for Gilbane Building Company in Chicago, IL.  He began his construction career after graduating High School as a Union Carpenter and with his commitment, drive and leadership earned responsibilities and promotions through the field operations career path.  His love affair with Lean has been fueled by the continued growth of this Industry-charged effort to continuously improve overall acceptance of Lean Culture and processes.  As an AGC, CM-Lean Certified Instructor / Facilitator and LCI Approved Instructor, Emerson has become a passionate advocate for Lean practices driven by respect for people, focused on improving Lean delivery through training, coaching, implementation and transitioning from traditional methods of Pull Planning to Digital methods to generate value to all stakeholders.  Digital construction is essentially the use and application of digital tools to improve the process of planning, delivering, and operating built environments.  It is a highly data-driven approach that makes use of digital tools to make processes and lessons learned more efficient and ensure a high quality of work.  Emerson embraces the transition and acceptance of utilizing various digital tools, allowing for transparency, collaboration, positive impacts on time / schedule, work-flow management, coordination, and the successful delivery of projects.  Emerson uses cloud-based software applications and filing systems allowing project teams to input, coordinate, and access information in digital spaces where any updates to plans can be automatically sent out to all Trade Partners and subscribers.  This process is far faster and more efficient than sending and updating printed documents and blueprints.  Emerson has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry.