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Elizabeth Fallon

Elizabeth Fallon

Interiors Studio Practice Leader, HKS

Elizabeth Fallon, AIA, is the Interiors Studio Practice Leader at HKS Chicago. For Elizabeth, design is a means to uncovering solutions. Intrigued and energized by complexity, she believes no challenge is too large or complex to tackle. One of her greatest passions is shaping employee experience and how space can effectively contribute to that experience. As a licensed architect, Elizabeth has spent over a decade delivering commercial interiors workplaces for clients all over the country. As a strong communicator and listener, she thrives on the relationships with her clients and partners to deliver effective and inspiring workplace experiences at all scales. Paired with strong creative and technical skills, her constant commitment to research, strategic thinking, and collaboration with her partners keep her inspired every day.

Because we spend a third of our lives at work, Elizabeth is passionate about the impact the workplace can have on our lives. Her projects deliver places that not only impact business outcomes but also achieve business goals. Her career has focused on leading clients and design teams towards a more meaningful, powerful evolution of the workplace – including through implementing flexible work arrangements, even before the pandemic. She believes that flexible work creates an environment in which the problems in any workplace culture are brought to the surface. It’s not that they weren’t there before, they just lay dormant. Flexible work wakes them up, brings them into the light – giving designers and clients alike a better chance of solving those problems at their core.

In all her work, Elizabeth reinforces designers must lead ideas around both crafting and using space, because how we interact with our environment and with each other is where workplace designers can make the greatest difference.