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Drew Wiberg

Drew Wiberg

Marketing & Communications Knowledge Manager: Americas East, Arup

Drew is an information scientist working in the role of knowledge manager for Marketing and Communications at Arup. Degreed in education and library and information science, he has 9 years of experience in the AEC industry working in the areas of artificial intelligence, data analysis, data visualization, design fiction, information architecture, knowledge engineering, knowledge management, ontologies, prompt engineering, semantic web technologies, speculative design, and taxonomy development. Artificial intelligence is on every business leader’s mind right now. Staying abreast of the news, techniques, and theory in AI, Drew has honed his skills in this area to deliver responsible and safe knowledge-based products and tools across Arup. Throughout his career in the AEC, he has also demonstrated a keen ability to develop and implement organization-wide knowledge programs that align with strategic business objectives and improve accessibility across organizations. He believes that empathy, curiosity, and imagination are essential in organizing the knowledge base of a community. Aligning these values with emerging technologies makes his a unique voice in the AEC and in the profession of knowledge management.