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Donna LaJeunesse

Donna LaJeunesse

President, Custom Contracting

Donna has over three decades of construction experience. Self-motivated, she advanced as a woman in construction, determined to make an impact for the sake of all women in this predominately male industry. With hard work, continued education, and commitment she earned promotions within Custom Contracting from Administration Assistant to Controller, to Vice President-Administration, and currently President and majority Owner. Donna enjoys and has a way of aligning people and departments with the corporate mission, producing desired business results. She is continuously steering the development and standardization of operational procedures to improve efficiencies. Collectively Custom's team demonstrates its capabilities through continued performance within highly regulated projects, such as healthcare. Remaining engaged, she is building sustainable relationships and is proud their team thrives when professionally delivering innovative projects to clients. She actively promotes equity and inclusion for women in construction and all minorities. Making intentional business decisions that are in alignment with her core values and Custom's mission of Building a Healthy Place in Our World inspire her daily. Personally, Donna loves spending time with her family, enjoys working in her yard, hiking, meditation, her fur babies, and having meaningful conversations.


Supporting equity, diversity, equality, inclusivity, and women in construction is honestly (and simply) the right thing to do! How can we not get behind this? In construction, we create and build; and can recreate and rebuild. As women in construction, we have powerful tools to help recreate and rebuild. This begins with equity. We eliminate ignorance by courageously looking within to seek and reveal unconscious biases, and encouraging others to do the same, without fear or judgment. Change naturally happens when doing so. “To do equity, we must also be equity.”