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Divya Sureban

Divya Sureban

Architectural Designer, GreenAssociates Inc.

At GreenAssociates, I work as a member of the architectural team who focuses on designing K–12 schools. GreenAssociates are school specialists, more than 95% of our commissions are educational facilities. More than architects, GA is a knowledge resource to communities, schools and administrators and committed to building healthy thriving environments. With more than 4 years of architectural expertise in a variety of projects ranging from developing commercial buildings in India to single-family homes and industrial architecture. I made the decision to go after my goal of becoming a licensed architect in the USA, and I'm currently on the path to achieving it. I studied at IIT in the Master of Architecture program with a concurrent curriculum of Masters of Tall Building and Vertical Urbanism. I became aware of the influence that architecture has on the environment during my studies at IIT and while studying sustainable design and net-zero buildings. My objective is to use the skills I've acquired in the profession of architecture to build a sustainable, affordable built environment for the community.


I find architecture to be fascinating because of its power to improve mankind and the natural world. If a true architect can perfect this skill, they will have a significant impact on the world.